Our optimization services are geared towards the improvement of a product listing that already exists, but with various kinds of problems, or the creation of a new listing that is immediately effective

In the first case is carried out at an early stage, the full listing check-up to verify its criticality (click to dig deeper). Then we move on to the correction of the same

In the second case, you do a study starting from scratch


In both situations, a deep, focused, professional keyword research is done. We build the title first, then the Bullet Points, the Item Description, and finally the Search Terms

Let’s explain more specifically…



It is clearly the most important part: what you see (along with the main image) as result in the search made by the prospective client

It must indicate in the most precise and concise way the characteristics of the product to make it identifiable and more easily discovered by the consumer

The better is the construction of the title (but in tandem with the rest of the card…) and the better is its ranking in the list of search results

The keywords we use are the most powerful, assembled in the right way to make sure that even by performing the search for different terms, the product appears as high as possible in the ranking




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In these few points you have to collect the most significant benefits that the customer would get by purchasing your product compared to that of others

Catchphrase that generate curiosity and confidence at the same time, and to induce those who has not yet decided to purchase, read on further characteristics collected in the product description

Here you must not neglect the strong keywords, combining them with a intriguing and persuasive text developed by our expert copywriters






While it is true that 70% of customers Amazon is limited to purchasing based only on the title, Bullet Point, and clearly on the price, it is also true that the 30% is not negligible!

When a product is successful, thanks to a good title and good Bullet Points, to intrigue a customer (if he has not already clicked “add to cart”) he will read the description of the product to get the latest indispensable information that convince him of the goodness of his choice

This says a lot about the importance of an interesting copy, easily readable and attractive even from an “aesthetic” point of view





Latest textual part which concerns the product but not visible to the end customer, where you can enter additional search terms that can lead to greater product visibility and discoverability


There are other aspects that contribute to the effectiveness and the positioning of the listing, such as the quality and characteristics of the images and the advertising campaigns.

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