We carefully analyze your product sheet and verify that all the features required by Amazon are ok.

Title, bullet points, description and search term have some “fixed” and other “flexible” points


If the “fixed points” are not fulfilled, the uploading of the listing may not be possible,

or as a result of control by A9 (Amazon’s algorithm), it can be removed, and the risk

to see the seller’s account closed if you do not perform timely and effective corrections


If the “flexible points” are not respected, the uploading of the listing is successful, but the ranking in the search results is penalized and, with it, the volume of sales.


Clearly this is the most insidious situation because less obvious

 The points to analyze (and that we go to analyze) are manifold:

From the product listing length to the best selection of keywords and their correct positioning, going through for aesthetics (quality of the photos and their variety, quality of descriptive text and its readability) and much more.



In addition to our experience and expertise in evaluating some of these aspects, we employ the best analysis software to verify the “power” of the keywords used, carrying on a thorough analysis, which would provide the right corrective measures to be taken in the second phase:




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