A well-optimized product LISTING has a great importance in ranking your item when a consumer makes a research, but it is not the only factor that determines the outcome

One of the most important positioning factors after optimization, is definitely the number and quality of the reviews, the opinions of the people who bought the item

To get the reviews you have to sell, and you have to do it in large quantities to get reviews, since on average only 1% of buyers write one

Where we have very few competitors a good optimization might suffice, but having very few competitors on Amazon is practically impossible!

If the placement in the search results then affects sales and these in turn affect the positioning itself, how can you take them off?

It would seem like a dog biting his tail, but we have a couple of possibilities…

One of these is the PPC advertising campaign (pay per click)

Amazon offers sellers 2 types of advertising campaign, AUTOMATIC and MANUAL

Both have advantages and limitations



With the AUTOMATIC PPC CAMPAIGN, the seller delegates to Amazon on 99% of the work, meaning that virtually all aspects of the advertising campaign (such as ad text and placement on the page) will be processed and determined automatically by Amazon

The automatic campaign is used to create sales possibilities thanks to the clicks on the “sponsored product”, but being generated in an automatic way, sometimes visitors who do not finalize the purchase

This is because they also appear in search results in which they “should not”

This happens because the ads contain even “negative keywords”, not properly relevant terms or that generate traffic of “curious” but not of buyers

When unwanted clicks are generated, then you have a dual loss

First you have the one due to the cost of each click on the banner, for which you pay the advertising regardless of whether they lead to a sale or not

Secondly, you can lose ranking positions, since Amazon rewards products with the highest conversion rates between visits and purchases

However, the automatic campaign has an almost fundamental importance!

For us, specialists at AMZSEO.IT, it has the main goal, almost exclusive, to collect data on the effectiveness of the keywords used and that “emerge” after a few days from the launch of the PPC campaign, so as to understand the behaviors of the visitors

It is therefore not so important to create profit thanks to the automatic campaign, as the result in terms of studies that it determines; and you have to be aware that the increase in sales generated, can maybe just to balance the money spent.

Of particular importance is the determination of “Negative Keywords” that we can, through our studies, to determine by analyzing PPC campaign reports that Amazon gives us



The MANUAL CAMPAIGN is based both the right choice of keywords, partly provided by the automatic campaign, partly generated with a careful research that we carry out with the help of the best software, and on the use of the “negative keywords” discovered thanks to the reports of the automatic campaign

The “Negative Keywords” will then be entered as terms for which Amazon does not have to show our product, in case the end customer carries out a search with these words.

This is to avoid clicking on our product (and therefore an advertising expense), which do not convert into purchases

The aim is to have the best possible relationship between clicks on advertising and purchases, the so-called ACoS, acronym of the words Advertising Cost of Sales, i.e. the costs (%) to generate a sale

The ACoS is obtained by the ratio:

Total Costs in Advertising : Total Sales x 100

Before starting any ad campaign, is basic to understand all this, to find your best affordable ACoS and preserve a minimum profit and not throw away your money

Relying on experts like us at AMZSEO.IT is the best choice!

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