Ottimizzare le Schede-Prodotto Amazon sfruttando al meglio la potenza di “Twinword Ideas”

Posto volentieri un articolo che ho pubblicato come risposta ad una domanda su

Un manipolo di smanettoni rampanti based in San Francisco, sta davvero facendo un ottimo lavoro e sfornando kw tool (e non solo) davvero di altissimo livello che trovate a questo link:

Peccato siano ancora relativamente poco conosciuti, ma credo che faranno parecchia strada

Sono bravissimi e vorrei tanto avere 20 anni di meno per chieder loro se mi assumono come junior 🙂


By publishing here one of my articles, oppppsss a detailed reply, I gave on, I hope to give community the chance to get informed about a recent keyword-tool, particularly fit for those Amazon sellers, willing to optimize either their items listings, and the famous yet still “mysterious” back-end search-terms that Amazon gives the chance to include, once you prepare, and fill, your listing of the item you are going to put online and hope will make you richer than ever

As far as I understood, Twinword Inc. is a software company, founded on 2012, based in San Francisco, by a team leaded by a multi-prized former Samsung engineer, Kono Kim, and “specialized in Providing text analysis APIs that understand human text”

I recently took a look on their free version of “Twinword Ideas” you mention in your question

I work as Amazon SEO and, as you may imagine, I spend a good part of my working hours to dig deeply in order to discover hidden gems and possibly help my customers ( sometimes myself too )  to monetize them

TI is a keyword tool that makes Latent Semantic Indexing – LSI and is able to show user the “best possible” i.e. most relevant and related keywords that “surround and stay around” the search term you are talking about

For example, if I need to discover the biggest possible number of keywords that have anything RELEVANT to do with the keyword “Valentino Rossi”, then Twinword Ideas tool is showing me quickly a list of useful words related and relevant such as: MotoGP, helmet, championship, bike, Randy Mamola

After all, A9 algorithm loves “RELEVANT KWs” you are able to spread “naturally” all over the item listing

So why not making Jeff very happy?

IMHO, the most advanced feature and strongest “PRO” of this piece of software is the ability to go even deeper, and apply some very important filters.

I can narrow my list by:






Last but not least, I can even “work and play” with any eventual NEGATIVE KWs I may decide, for any reason, to discard from my selection of cream of the cream.

Personally, I use it to

  1. OPTIMIZE BACK-END SEARCH TERMS of my Amazon customers, sellers who ask me to increase sales by implementing a perfect listing.

Back-end search terms inside Seller Central are still an almost unknown mysterious UFO, and just a few top sellers, mostly Americans, seem to have fully understood their power once and if included properly i.e. if they are highly relevant to the items they are selling.

Once in front of the 5 lines to fill in, any of the 2,000,000+ Amazon sellers start praying, crying and guessing if it could be better:

  1. the “minimalist option” of choosing and writing a small bunch of “please make me rich keywords” or
  2. if it may be wiser to stuff those lines like a BigMac…with steroids and feed every single space the “A to Z smile” allows him to fill in

I grab them directly from “Twinword Ideas”.

I use them on launch of a MANUAL PPC CAMPAIGN on Amazon.

Before, there was the strict need of starting an AUTOMATIC PPC campaign first.It was necessary to start up sales get first reviews and “collect data”  i.e. the first few hundreds good and bad KWs to transfer on the MANUAL PPC CAMPAIGN.

In simple words: I can collect the first valuable mushrooms almost for free, instead of having to buy them.

Another very useful feature of TI is its ability to show me not only the “BUYING INTENT” of every single result, but also if a certain KW is :

“INFORMATION KW” (i.e. people uses it to search, but not to buy anything)

“ACTION KW” i.e. it is searched to get informed, and then do something      ( like, for example, “how to build a wooden table)

“LOCAL KW” i.e. if such term is relevant to a certain local business or professional. This feature of Twinword Ideas can give a strategic competitive advantage to any clever webmaster, able to create, for instance, a new website for a dentist based in Dallas who would like to get more “popular, visible, searched” in Google or Yahoo. You grab and select the best possible Local KW from Twinword. Then, you build your new website for your dentist, by using such most and best relevant local keywords. Terribly time-saving procedure. No more blind treasure hunt. Slurppppp.

I may have forgotten something else, but I am lazy and I need half a liter of coffee now 😉

The only “CONs” I can find is the “basic” look of their search page.

But for me, that I am simple minded like a farmer, this is a plus, not a weak point, as everything is easier and not “too technical to use”.

I simply write my MAIN KEYWORD, download the excel file and I make the final and “human” laser selection of the keywords I like the most, discarding anything that I still do not eventually repute relevant.

In summary: a great tool. Period.

As my father was a blue-collar worker, and I am not a rich man, I also checked their monthly fees, and I think they are still quite reasonable, even if I suggest to upgrade only to Google and/or Amazon SEO professionals that make an intensive use of such KW research tools. No need to buy a Lambo if you are able to drive like your 13 y.o. son: under such circumstances, then a nice city car is more than enough. However, if you think to be as good as Mario Andretti, go ahead and opt for the paid version, as it is pretty reasonably priced.

The only tool I can compare is “LSI Graph”, which I personally love, but that it can’t give me the “relevancy” score 0-100 ( love it ), but only their list of relevant KWs.

Also, the number of potential “money KWs” I can find by using TI is higher.

Hope I have been useful to give you a more complete idea about Twinword Ideas keyword tool 😉



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